Reference materials serve as an important component for establishing and maintaining a successful OSS ILS. Many agencies have written articles pertaining to OSS, and many more have established venues for the discussion of OSS issues. The technical support component of OSS applications continues to receive attention from the library community and OSS developers. The project seeks to provide a comprehensive list of resources for library professionals to use, reference, and comment upon.

  • Libraries with existing OSS applications will find these resources helpful in determining how to best manage their current ILS. The aggregation of scholarly articles and web sources saves valuable time for administrators who are tasked with technical troubleshooting or librarians who seek additional functionality for their ILS. Additionally, this site provides a forum for communication between library and professional entities who may wish to comment upon or provide solutions for OSS issues.
  • For libraries that have yet to commit to an OSS ILS, this amalgamation of resources provides a wealth of information regarding OSS installations, ILS case studies, analytics, and more personal testimonials.

Please use these resources freely and help this project establish a virtual community wherein OSS technical support is the primary topic!

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