Phase 3 Survey is posted

We've gotten lots of great responses to our telephone interviews, but we'd like to gather more data so we now have a web survey on OSS ILS that you can take on our site. If you have experience in migrating to an open source ILS we'd love to hear from you, or if you know anyone who does please send them to our site. Thanks!

Phase 3 Interviews

We've already recorded a number of interviews and have gathered lots of information about OSS ILS experiences. It's been really interesting talking to librarians representing a variety of types and sizes. We are still seeking several more, particularly from school librarians at any size institution. We're giving 25$ gift cards to interviewees, so contact us at if you can participate!

Hello from Vance!

Hello and welcome to the website from Vance Walker. I'm the newest member of the team and Professor Singh has asked me to help with the final phase of the project, which will include conducting interviews with open source ILS adopters about their experiences. i'll also be working on updating this site and making the data we've collected available to anyone interested in OSS ILS. Please leave a comment or email me at and let me know if you have any suggestions for the site.

2011 TLA Presentation

The slides from the TLA Presentation are now available.

Just for Fun: Lycanthrobrarians

As we conducted our first and second rounds of surveys a strange trend emerged. When tracking the rate of response, we noticed a significant correlation to the change in responses versus the phase of the moon! Observe the following graphs:



OSS Lib. Tech @ SLA 2010


Call for Participation!


Phase 1 Data Collection Completed

We would like to thank everyone for particiapting in the first survey!!  We got a wonderful response rate and at this time we are analyzing the data collected through the survey. Also, we are working on developing the second survey and will be inviting participation for that shortly!

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